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Close to Our Hearts

The Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo (formerly Travis County Junior Livestock Show & Rodeo) is an organization that is near and dear to Wanda M.'s heart. Her kids grew up showing their Beefmaster heifers there and her daughter, Rebecca, participated in the Calf Scramble several times until the scrawny little girl actually caught one. She received scholarships for her college education from the organization and Wanda and Matt work diligently each year to ensure that there are enough donations in the scholarship fund to send more kids to college. One way they do that is by donating items that can be auctioned for the Scholarship Fund and each year, Wanda makes a beautiful quilt. Thousands of dollars have gone into the fund because of it and we love to share our passion for kids and education with you. For more information, please visit Star of Texas Fair & Rodeo.

Update: The 2014 quilt that Wanda made (shown here) autcioned on November 15, 2014 for $3750! That is a lot of scholarships! Congratulations and thank you!

Each summer you play the "Where's Wanda?" game and each summer the answer is the same, Texas Lions Camp! From the time that Wanda M.'s oldest daughter, Shelly, could attend camp Texas Lions Camp was the place to be. Located in the heart of the hill country (which her other daughter, Rebecca, LOVES!) Shelly would spend a week or two each summer with other children who had different special needs. It was a place that she felt most accepted and loved away from home. It has always been a blessing for their family. Her daughter, Rebecca, began working there as a lifeguard in 2001, then year-round from 2004-2008. Shelly began working as a camp counselor there in 2002 and Wanda just celebrated 10 years of running the kitchen. Can you imagine feeding over 500 meals three times a day on the busiest days??? AHHH! Needless to say, it is an organization that is so close to home that it's a second home. For more information, please visit Texas Lions Camp.
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